Lev's successor: who will be the next national team coach?

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After the complete failure of the 2018 World Cup, rumors of a successor to national coach Joachim Löw grew louder and louder. Critical voices continue unabated, and many football fans in Asia are wondering: who will be the next coach of the national team? We have analyzed the most promising candidates and their bid odds at https://asian-bookies.net/malaysia-online-sports-betting-sites/.

One thing is clear: sooner or later there will be a change of national team coach. However, the Schwab is likely to help shape the next European Championship as a national coach. Depending on the outcome of this tournament, it will become clear whether the future coach of the national team will continue to be called Joachim Löw or whether a first-class successor will take his place.

Stefan Kunz is a logical alternative

Stefan Kunz is currently Loew's most likely successor. Born in Neuenkirchen, he is currently the head coach of the Germany under-21 team. He is highly regarded in the DFB and boasts a very good record of 98 points in 43 games.

Kuntz has been in office for three years, and during this time U21 managed to reach the final of the European Championship once. This can be seen as a huge success for the U21 team.

From a tactical point of view, Stefan Kunz is quite close to the current coach. His strategy is characterized by high pressure when the team tries to provoke the opponent's mistakes. Along with Timo Werner, Serge Gnabry and Kai Havertz, he also has the right people on the team who can keep this style of play alive at all times.

Thus, Stefan Kunz is definitely a safe choice to change the coach of the national team. He is highly respected in the association and is no stranger to players.
Miroslav Klose - the return of the World Cup legend?
With surprisingly low odds, the bookies see Miroslav Klose as the successor to Joachim Löw. The DFB legend has already gained experience as an assistant coach to Joachim Löw and is currently on the sidelines of Bayern.

However, it is clear that Klose is still in the process of training as a coach and must first secure a head coach position before he can try his hand at the national team. Therefore, betting on it is quite risky.

Jurgen Klopp is a fan favorite

In recent years, Jurgen Klopp has been able to establish himself as the absolute favorite of football fans at home and abroad. At least since winning the Champions League with Liverpool in 2019, Kloppo, as fans affectionately call him, has entered football annals.

However, he still has a contract that ties him to Liverpool until 2024. If DFB-Elf is successful at the upcoming EM 2021, this should not be a problem in terms of timing. However, if the team fails again, there will definitely be a change in coach. In this case, Jurgen Klopp could not intervene and a short-term solution had to be found.

Who will be Lev's successor?

In conclusion, it remains only to say that, most likely, the future coach of the national team is already working in the DFB - and for this reason, there will not be many surprises.

The past has shown that the DFB likes to rely on familiar talent. Therefore, we believe that the hiring of Stefan Kunz as Loew's successor is the most likely.
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