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Hockey bets are accepted without overtime. It is necessary to carry out an accurate calculation, as the final result of this work, as a rule, is not much. The list of bets in hockey is not as wide as in football, so the choice among the types of bets offered is limited. In the KHL and NHL, there is a short period between games, so you can more reliably assess the team's form before the upcoming game.


The most popular hockey betting növü is the result of the event. Of course, it is necessary to analyze the impact in order to make a good forecast. However, in this regard, the usual statistics of views will also help a lot. therefore, about 45% of all matches in the KHL end with problems for the hosts, and in 42% of the matches the guests win, the rest of the events are tied in the main time. it ends. Choose from a favorite or an outsider? It is difficult to give unequivocal advice, there are often sensations in hockey, and the best favorites lose. Therefore, this criterion should not be used as a guide.

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Total bets are also very popular in hockey. As a rule, teams show high performance in the long run. Therefore, with a proper analysis, it is possible to accurately calculate both the total number of pucks in separate periods and for each team. Some nets use handicaps to bet on individual game performance.

Secondary levels

Handicaps are used in hockey matches. In the meaning of this bet, the difference in the score goes to the two teams. The bookmaker offers an estimate that the gap will be more or less than the offered value. This value can be integer or fractional. For example, betting with a handicap of -2 and with a result of 4: 2 the bet is returned. With the same result, but with a -2.5 handicap, the bet will win.

There are also more specific types of hockey, important, in the main time. Double chance bet benefit, özünüzü you are insuring from time to time. You can also make a "host-party" bet where you have to guess the vote of one of the two guests. One-against-one competition control statistics prediction search bet name.

If you analyze the match properly, hockey betting can be very promising and well developed. That's why many people prefer hockey to other sports.

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