Roulette strategy

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There are two main variants of roulette: European roulette with a single 0 and American roulette with 0 and 00. Because of the extra 00, American Roulette gives the casino a greater advantage. If you can choose yourself, then you should choose the European version.

Average payback rate

The average payback for European Roulette is 97.3%. For American Roulette, this figure has dropped to 94.7%.
The only deviation from these percentages occurs when playing on five numbers in American Roulette (numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, 3). It gives a profit of seven times the stake and an average payback rate of 92.1%. In addition, some more special outside bets can give a lower payback percentage. On the portal, you can choose the best online casino for playing roulette.

Roulette strategies

There are many strategies for playing roulette. What they have in common is that they don't work. However, that shouldn't stop you from using them as they don't reduce your chances of winning either. They simply redistribute your winnings, which can give you a profit in the short term if you also accept the risk of losing.

The most famous strategy is the Martingale strategy

The simplest variant of the system involves doubling your bet every time you lose. Thus, if you start with a $1 bet on red and then double to $2, $4, etc. every time you lose until the ball lands on red, you will make a profit of $1 every time the ball lands on red. This method is foolproof if you have unlimited funds and no effort limit. The only problem is that you don't have unlimited funds and there is always a limit to the bet you can play in a casino.

The personal limit of how much one is willing to lose determines how long one can afford a losing streak. The problem is that this quickly becomes expensive as you have to double the amount each time. If you lose six times in a row, for example, the seventh time you have to bet $64 - and at this point, you have already lost $63. Thus, to be able to follow, you must have a starting capital of $127. The probability that the ball will fall on red for the seventh time after six times on black is exactly the same as the probability that it will fall on red for the first time, namely 48.65%. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will win, even if you have lost a lot.

The probability that the ball will fall on black seven times in a row is 0.94% - this will happen on average 1 time out of 106. Thus, in the short term, there is a good chance that this will not happen and you can leave the table with a profit. On the other hand, if your goal is to win $100 using this method, there is more than 50% chance that you will lose your money before you reach your goal.

With a starting capital of $2047 and a single bet of $1024, most players have jumped in and the limit of most casinos is exceeded. Despite this, it happens on average 1 time out of 1527 that 11 black (or green) come in a row. It is not unusual to play five games in a minute at an online casino. On average, every 5 hours of play you will have a series of 11 losses. 

It is therefore recommended to set a slightly lower ceiling and then accept that you will lose from time to time. You can also create your own variations of Martingale to make it more exciting. If you triple the amounts rather than double, you reach your maximum amount faster, but you win more in return - if you win, that is. You can also bet on a dozen instead of red/black to increase your winnings in case you win.

How do I win at Roulette?

No matter what you bet on in Roulette, the payout percentage is the same - 97.4% for European Roulette - so there isn't much room for "winning" in Roulette. However, there are still options: 

Using a strategy like a Martingale strategy, where you double your bet every time you lose, you are more likely to win in the short term. However, there is also the risk of losing a larger amount, so no matter which strategy you use, it is the casino that wins in the long run. 

The exception is when you use a casino bonus or campaign. If you find a 100% casino bonus that can be used for roulette (such as a Live Casino bonus), you have a statistical advantage over the casino if the bonus doesn't have to be played more than 36 times before you can withdraw. You also have an advantage over the casino if you participate in a campaign where you will, for example, receive DKK 50 in addition to the winnings when you win at a straight bet if you play with a bet of less than approx. DKK 48 per number.

We wish you the best of luck at roulette and that you can take your family on a trip with your winnings!

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