How video evidence will impact sports betting

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They say that football is the best thing in the world. We can argue about it, but football is, first of all, a spectacle. It captivated the audience from the first games. They still love and celebrate the imaginative play, dizzying sprints and solo actions. But now one thing has changed. Football, like many other sports, depends on technology. Video evidence was introduced after much debate due to countless missed goals. So moments like the most famous goal at Wembley should never happen again. But video evidence also documents fouls and handball using machinery. It has not necessarily made football more predictable, but referees' decisions are no longer final.

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Discussion of video evidence

Throughout the history of football, there has been endless debate about the need for video evidence. One fact in this regard is. According to the rules of the German Football Association (DFB), the field must be at least 90 meters long and 45 meters wide. In addition, 23 people run back and forth on the field, including the referee. Of course, the referee cannot always be directly on the ball. On the one hand, it would paralyze the course of the game, and this is impossible because of the sometimes long passes. In addition, mistakes are only human. It justifies bad decisions, but it doesn't really help the players who suffer from it. A good example is the German Cup final, in which Borussia was supposed to take the lead. After the ball was already behind the goal line and only then flew into touch. However, the goal was not scored, the game continued and eventually ended with the victory of Bayern Munich.

How is video evidence used?

Real-time analysis of recorded video footage using the latest technology is used in football in a variety of ways. Other officials are the linesmen who walk up and down the edge of the pitch and the goal line officials. The video evidence was supplemented by another official who had access to the recorded video footage on the touchlines and could adjust decisions - the video assistant. Goal line detection technology is used to determine whether a goal has been scored. Even if there is a goal referee nearby, it can be difficult for him to keep track of a fight in the penalty area, which can also lead to a foul and a free kick or penalty. If the ball is also covered by a player, the referee cannot make a safe decision. This is not a problem to prove with goal line detection technology, which directs multiple cameras at the ball from different angles.

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Video evidence and the impact on sports betting

At the moment the direct impact on sports betting can only be seen, if at all, in very few individual bets like these There is no real change in the way the game is played or a reduction in tension in sports betting. The benefit is too small because the technology is not used in every game, or it does not need to be used because all decisions are clear. Finally, video evidence is a new constant that is sure to get further development in the future. Scenarios, where a referee has to go to the side of the road to watch replays for every little thing, are very unlikely. Associations and players know this.

Where can I get information about sports betting and find providers?

Sports betting is part of a very interesting market with several million players in Germany alone. There are countless providers on the Internet, so-called bookmakers. Interested parties can take a closer look at the benefits Asian bookmakers. They are clearly organized, and individual ratings and details of the respective companies are displayed. Using the search function, individual criteria can be entered, as a result of which the list will be sorted and show the best bookmakers that meet the relevant requirements.

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